Affirming Ministry Map for Calgary

The following churches have publicly declared that they are Affirming/Inclusive communities and welcome the ministry and full participation of LGBTQ2S+ people in all areas of membership and involvement.

Who can be Affirming? Any ministry in the United Church of Canada (and beyond!) which has completed the intentional educational and Affirming process, held a public celebration, and committed itself to ongoing action. 

Affirming Connections cannot guarantee what any individual's experience may be at these churches, however, we hope this is a resource to help people find the right fit for their journey and encourage all churches to live out public and intentional inclusivity. A printable brochure of all Affirming Ministries in Calgary is here, a large poster is here, and for a list of Affirming United Churches in all of Alberta, visit Affirm United's website here

Deer Park United Church and Wholeness Centre
Calgary 77 Deer Point Rd. SE
Calgary, Alberta, T2J 6W5
(403) 278-8263

Hillhurst United Church
1227 Kensington Close, N.W.,
Calgary, AB T2N 3J6
(403) 283-1539

Knox Presbyterian Church
3704 37 St SW
Calgary, AB T3E 3C3
(403) 242-1808

Knox United Church
506 Fourth Street SW,
Calgary, AB T2P 1S7
(403) 269-8382

Living Spirit United Church
629 49 Ave SW,
Calgary, AB  T2S 1G6
(403) 243-3180

Lutheran Church of the Cross    
10620 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, AB  T2W 1G4
(403) 255-4792

McDougall United Church
8516 Athabasca Street SE,
Calgary, AB, T2H 1B4
(403) 252-1620

Parkdale United Church
2919 8th Avenue NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1C8
(403) 283-3301

Robert McClure United Church
5510  26 Avenue NE
Calgary AB  T1Y 6S1
(403) 280-9500

St. Andrew’s United Church
St. Andrew’s Centre – Office and Program Space
1 – 10601 Southport Rd. SW
Calgary, AB T2W 3M5
Phone: (403) 259-4080

St. David’s United Church
3303 Capitol Hill Crescent NW,
Calgary, AB T2M 2R2
(403) 284-2276

St. Thomas United Church
100 Hawkwood Boulevard NW
Calgary, Alberta T3G 2S9
(403) 241-0366

Scarboro United Church
134 Scarboro Ave. S. W.
Calgary, AB T3C 2H1
(403) 244-1161

Symons Valley United Church
38 Kincora Rise NW,
Calgary, AB T3R 0A3
(403) 274-2361

Wild Rose United Church
1317 – 1st Street N.W.,
Calgary, AB T2M 2S5
(403) 277-5576

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