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National Affirming/PIE Day launched March 14, 2019!

The first annual National Affirming Day was on March 14, 2019, International Pi Day (3.14- get it?)

PIE = Public. Intentional. Explicit.

Those are the standards we hold ourselves and our welcome to when we become Affirming, Welcoming, or Inclusive communities.

We invited you to serve up some pie and roll out the PIE in your ministries and communities! And you did! Over 50 ministries celebrated PIE Day across Canada, to celebrate and honour the full inclusion of *LGBTQ2SIA+ people in faith communities and beyond, with everyone across Canada!

Affirm United/S’affirmer Ensemble and Affirming Connections partnered to bring you tools and ideas to put on your own PIE event, and we are at it again. Stay tuned for PIE Day 2020 info. You can also use the PIE video year round!

Official PIE Day website and video here!

(*Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Two-Spirit, Intersex, Asexual+)

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Annual Affirm United Conference in Calgary!

Affirming Connections has partnered with Affirm United/ S’affirmer Ensemble and Hillhurst United to program and market the national conference in Calgary, July 26-28 2019 at Hillhurst United Church!

Our theme: DISRUPTIVE FAITH: Forging Brave & Inclusive Communities in Divided Times. When the voices of religious intolerance, prejudice and hatred seem to be growing louder, how do we amplify our voices as affirming faith communities, and speak up for love and inclusion? Bring your ideas! Our time together will include theme speakers, worship, theatre, lots of conversation, children’s programming, great meals, and AUSE’s annual meeting. You do not need to be a member of Affirm United/ S'Affirmer Ensemble, or be LGBTQIA+ or Two Spirit to attend. All are welcome. Come join us!

- Draft schedule here. (PDF) -

- Bios of our amazing presenters and resource people here.

Overall info about the conference in one place right here.

REGISTRATION for the whole conference here
or get tickets for single events within the conference here.

Cost: Entire conference (Friday-Sunday): $175 OR Saturday only $150. Subsidies are available. Individual events within the conference, like workshops and theatre, are ticketed separately for those who prefer to come for only a few hours.

Can you help us promote the conference? All images, posters, text and PowerPoint slides are available right here- share away!
And here's our Facebook event series.


Resource Page and Free Lending Library!

On our resources page, you’ll find a list of book, website, and podcast recommendations that was curated with the intersections of faith and LGBTQ2S+ identity in mind. Whether you are part of the queer community, a parent, faith leader, or are looking for books that help your child explore all different types of people and families, we’re here to help!

We also have a list of books that are free to lend in our Affirming Connections Library located at St. Andrews Centre in Calgary. Here’s the current list with all of the details, and we’ll be adding more!

If you have a resource suggestion, contact Pam - we love hearing from you!