The origin of this work is inspired by the foundational legacy of Affirm United/S'affirmer Ensemble, an organization that works for the full inclusion of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the United Church of Canada and in society. Affirm United leads the Affirming Ministries Program. The Affirming Ministries Program is a network of primarily United Church ministries that declare themselves to be fully inclusive of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. You don’t have to be United Church to take part, though!

Affirming Connections doesn't duplicate the work of Affirm United, they are awesome enough! (If you want to pursue becoming an Affirming Ministry and wonder why it matters, you can read their super helpful info sheet here.) 

Rather, our hope is to be on the ground here in the Calgary area to support existing Affirming Ministries in living out their active affirming work, provide those who are in process some partnership opportunities, give a signal boost to positive events and people, and to connect with values-aligned community organizations to further the broader message of love and inclusivity. 

This initiative is supported because a large group of people believe wholeheartedly in the full equality of all people to be able to access the spirituality that resonates with them, and to be celebrated, not just tolerated. The scope is large and this is an evolving adventure where we are breaking ground. We will be imperfect, but our hope is to learn, grow, and support each other as we explore the amazing possibilities that abound. 

If you'd like to get involved in what we're doing, as an individual or organization, contact our Director below!